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Plastic Free Packaging
"Love Nature, Love Crops & Love Your Community."
Home Grown Or Locally Sourced
Tea Bags Individually Filled By Hand
Zero Plastic, 100% bio-degradable , & home compositable.
Hand Blended In Small Batches


At the Little Bag of Herbs, I am passionate about preserves. I only use the very best natural seasonal produce, home grown or locally sourced. These include fruit and vegetable farmers, allotment holders & foraged. If I pick too much to handle, I freeze it on the day of harvest so I can continue to provide the popular preserves out of season.

All my preserves are lovingly handmade in small batches using traditional open-pot methods. I have nicknamed my pot “Cauldron” – no preservatives or artificialflavourings are used.

I am registered with Swindon Borough Council.
❖ Level 2 Food Hygiene Certificate
❖ Allergen Safety Certificate
❖ Health & Safety Covid-19 Certificate
❖ Full Liability Insurance

Tea Bags – individually filled by hand
Zero plastic & 100% bio-degradable and home compostable.


Herbal Tea Blends & Packaging
I grow using Shumei natural agriculture practices; I harvest, naturally dry, hand blend & package all my own herbs, chillies & spices.

Ingredients I cannot grow I source from local trusted organic suppliers and always blend in small batches.

“Love nature, love crops and love your community.”

My packaging boxes are made out of recycled materials & the windows & inserts are made out of NatureFlex which is both bio-degradable, home compostable & marine degradable.